FACILITIES – With the use of 12,000 acres, wide open space, and many large air-conditioned buildings, there is a lot of room at Camp Frontier. Our facilities are outstanding and able to accommodate the needs of Campers and Staff.

SLEEPING SPACE – We are blessed to have large modern cabins each with a number of bunk rooms. Each bunk room sleeps only 4 to 6 Campers in bunkbeds. Each bunk room has its own air conditioning system and restrooms which will be sanitized daily. Professional cleaning and on-camp laundry service is provided.

SANITATION – Increased hand-washing, frequent cleaning of common areas, and many other recommended health protocols are adopted.

MEAL SERVICE – While it has long been our practice to self-serve buffet meals, again this summer, our professional kitchen staff will be plating all meals held in the dining hall. There will be two separate meal seatings for Junior and Senior Campers. Tables are sanitized prior to use.

THEME PARK FIELD TRIPS – At this point we plan to include theme park field trips as part of Summer Camp 2022. Should the COVID situation worsen, we reserve the right not to attend theme parks. There is no additional cost for field trips. 

NO DAYCAMP – As an OverNight Camp, Campers do not have daily exposure to new people.


See you at Camp Frontier.
It's Going To Be Another Great Summer!

updated 11/11/2022
Camper and Staff safety remains our number one priority at Camp Frontier.

We look forward to another CampSafe Summer.

HAND WASHING – Between each activity and prior to meals, Campers will return to their own bunk room for restroom use and handwashing. Hand sanitizer will be available around camp.

  Families may bring one or two adults to camp for drop-off and pick-up days. Campers and adults may choose to wear masks during the process. Parents will have limited access to camp facilities and minimal exposure to Staff and to other Campers.
  ARRIVAL DAY – Arriving Campers are screened by our professional medical staff before signing into camp. Each family will assist their Camper to move-in to their assigned cabin.
  DEARTURE DAY – Pick-up day will be conducted in a similar process.
  Arrival and departure details will be sent to families well in advance.

VISITORS DAY – There will be a weekly Visitors Day. Families may visit with their Camper(s) only at specific outdoor locations (ie the Lakefront Pavilion). We ask that Campers not leave camp. The dates and times will be provided as they are different each week.

MASKS – Masks are not required.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS – In addition to temp checks performed upon arrival, temperatures will be monitored as part of each day. Campers with an elevated temp will be evaluated at the Infirmary.

COVID-19 VACCINATION – Campers and Staff are NOT required to be vaccinated. We believe this to be a personal family decision.

COVID-19 TESTING – A recent negative test is NOT required prior to admission to Camp Frontier.

CHECKING-UP – TechTime is held each week so that Campers may contact home. Parents may check-up on their Camper at any time by text to 1-888-CAMP-TXT (1-888-226-7898). A reply will be sent as quickly as possible.