Camp Life at Florida's OverNight Summer Camp

   "Camp Life" refers to the overall experience while at Camp Frontier, particularly the time while not in a structured activity. For most Campers, this time of building friendships with peers and staff is a favorite and memorable part of the OverNight Camp experience.

Every Camper Is Unique
Providing the best experience for each Camper

    The best Summer Camp Experience comes when the Camp meets the needs of each individual Camper. At Camp Frontier  we tailor our program for each of our four “Camper Groups” which are determined by age. Each group has a many Programs from which to choose.

Trailblazers (ages 7 to 9)

Explorers (ages 10 to 12)

Pioneers (ages 13 and 14)

Adventurers (ages 15 to 17)

Working With Parents


   Parents know the needs of their child.
   If you feel that your Camper should be in a group other than the one assigned by age, please communicate this with the office at the time of Registration.
   Please share with the office, prior to arrival, any special information which will help our Staff to make this a great summer for your unique child.

   In order to provide the best possible Camp Life, our Campers live in large air-conditioned Villages, which have a common play area, several bunk rooms each with its own bathroom, sink and shower. Evenings allow for a relaxing time of games and time with friends.

    There is no better experience for a child than OverNight Summer Camp. Children, from age 7 to 17 enjoy a unique opportunity for adventure and personal growth. 
    There are many benefits from the OverNight Camp experience. The greatest of these comes from personal growth while being "away at OverNight Camp".

   Our Counselors take time to get to know each Camper, initiate the building of new friendships with bunkmates, and work to develop a respectful and positive team environment.

Should EVERY Child go to an OverNight Summer Camp?


   In a word, "No".

   A child who is combative, resentful of authority, tends to endanger themselves, bullies or fights with peers is NOT ready for OverNight Summer Camp.

NOTE: There are special camps with programs designed to help these kids. Camp Frontier is not one of them.

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Camp Frontier

Florida Summer Camp

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