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    We understand how important it is to choose between the best Summer Camps in Florida to care for your child in an atmosphere which is supportive, accepting and nurturing while being filled with opportunities for growth, adventure and the making of new life-long friends. 

   As Summer Camp professionals with decades of experience, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding summer experience to boys and girls from around the world. Our Programs, Activities, outstanding Facilities and experienced Staff are focused on meeting the needs of each child.

One size does not fit all . . .

   At Camp Frontier, we celebrate the uniqueness of each Camper as they contribute their own personality, abilities and interests to the camp community. Rather than having a Camper "make the best out of our program", we adapt, to the greatest extent possible, to each Camper's goals for their valuable time at Summer Camp. We strive to provide a tailored experience in a caring, age-appropriate, safe, attentive and supportive environment, with child-centered activities and a very experienced and dedicated staff.

We are honored that you are considering us and look forward to working together to help determine if Camp Frontier is the right choice for your child.

Best Summer Camps In Florida

Best summer camps in Florida
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