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Counselor In Training Program

Become the leader that others respect. Our exceptional Counselor In Training Program campers are a select group of future leaders.

C.I.T.’s are Adventurer Campers (ages 15 to 17) who are enrolled in Camp Frontier’s leadership training program.

C.I.T.’s attend training classes throughout the day focused on several camp areas such as caring for campers, water safety, leadership skills, and activity instruction. When not in training, C.I.T.'s select and participate in all camp activities and reside in air-conditioned cabins with Campers of many ages, to assist Counselors and serve as role models. The C.I.T. Program is a hands on experience.

C.I.T. space is limited to 6 boy and 6 girl C.I.T.'s in each session. The approval of the Camp Director is required for enrollment. C.I.T.'s are held to the highest of standards.

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