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WaterSki Camp

The WaterSki and Wakeboarding Program is available to Campers ages 10 to 17.
The cost for WaterSki Camp is an additional $250 per week.

WaterSki Camp at Camp Frontier.
All Campers, may participate in afternoon waterski, tubing and wakeboarding as part of the camp tuition.
For those Campers wanting professional training in WaterSki & WakeBoarding, lessons are available to Boys and Girls, ages 10 to 17. The waterski program is open to every level of experience. Each week involves about seven hours or training in small groups with experienced professional ski instructors.
Beginning and advanced Skiers alike advance their skills in with WaterSki and Wakeboard Summer Camp lessons. Professional instructors provide our campers with personal supervision, group and private instruction for ninety minutes each activity day for a total time of about 7 hours each week.
Participating Campers are required to be strong swimmers. As with all our programs and activities, our "safety-first policy" requires that quality water safety equipment is used at all times. Instructors and lifeguards are certified and our staff to camper ratio is excellent.
All equipment is provided. Those Campers with their own equipment may bring it to Camp. Girls are required to wear one-piece bathing suits.
Lake Pierce is about 3,800 acres.

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