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How's My Camper Doing?

Keeping in touch while at
Summer Camp

Cell Phones at Summer Camp?

Here is the Camp Frontier solution . . .

   In order to provide the best Camp experience, Campers do not carry cell phones while at Camp. All electronics are collected upon arrival and held in safe keeping. Electronics are returned at check out from Camp.

   Each Saturday, for 30 minutes, Campers will have their cell  phones returned for TechTime. Campers are required to call their parents first.

   Campers without a cell phones will be given access to a phone to call home.

Camper Mail and eMail

   Campers love to get letters and packages. eMail is printed late afternoon and distributed at mail call following dinner each day. Campers are encourages to write letters and post cards.
   Send eMail to

with the Camper's name in the subject link.

While camp is in session, Letters and Packages maybe sent to:

Camp Frontier
5000 Firetower Road,
Haines City, FL 33844

Please DO NOT send camper mail to the Post Office Box while Camp is in session.

Being "Away at Camp"

    Camper growth at an OverNight Camp comes, in part, from the independence experienced while being “Away at Summer Camp’.

    Campers of every age, unplugged from electronics, away from regular school friends and the family back home, become a part of a Camp Community. They make new friends, relying on caring Counselors and growing in self-confidence. 

   Continuous access to a telephone would prevent the personal growth unique to the OverNight Summer Camp experience and increase homesickness.

   However, we understand that Parents at home desire to stay informed of their Child's progress at Camp.  We have established the following practices and policies which allow parents to be informed of their child's progress and insure that Campers have the full benefits of OverNight Summer Camp. Please see the rest of this page for Camp Frontier's solution.

Vistor's Day

   Visitor's Day is scheduled each week. For the majority of our Camper's living too far for visitors, there are activities and games planned during this time. Families will be notified of the times and dates well in advance


Checking-Up via Text

Your Direct Connection To Staff

   Prior to arrival, parents will be provided a number through which they can TEXT directly with a Staff member at any time. While we never put Campers on the phone (outside of Tech-Time), Parents can receive TEXT updates on their child at any time.



Social Media

   Photos and Videos are a great way to see what is going on at camp. We post as often as possible to our web site, Twitter, FaceBook and our YouTube Channel. We make great effort to include every child as often as possible. We do not "tag" Campers to protect their identity. Parents will enjoy sharing these posts with family and friends.
   Please visit each of these social media sources to connect with us. Links are a the bottom of every web page.

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